Your Success PLAN

Take your first STEP and walk to your SUCCESS Now!

The Zaviva Yes Candidates walk through a powerful learning and growing journey at different levels. These levels include various tasks, activities, collaborations, marketing, conversations, branding, interactions, sales, assignments and self-learning exercises. The success growth plan is designed in five levels. Each level carries 20 points in total. The best performing candidates at each level and after the entire programme are awarded for their exceptional achievements.

The Candidates chronologically enroll in the following levels starting with level one

  • Membership Level One (1): The Seeker – Undergoing coaching, orientation, familiarization, initial training sessions
  • Membership Level Two (2): The Learner – Business activities under guidance and lesson-sharing
  • Membership Level Three (3): The Adventurer – Pursuing and controlling your business venture under the wings of Zaviva Yes business network
  • Membership Level Four (4): The Builder – Self-Driven business activities and clientele base under your management
  • Membership Level Five (5): The  Success– Expanded business establishment with the placements of legal and logistical foundations