About Zaviva Yes

Learn about Zaviva YES

Zaviva Yes is a business platform established in 2001. The name explores and embraces the power and celebration of success as embedded in the victorious word “Viva”. The firm was founded to assert innovative business ideas that can cause sustainable and life-changing shifts in the society.

Zaviva Yes is cordial business partner in service delivery and brand to different prime business prospects pursued in various projects. We also create business opportunities for fresh entrepreneurs who seek exposure, experience, training, coaching and mentorship. Such encounters afford our participating candidates the spaces for learning and growth in areas of business, leadership, finance and character development.

Our Inspired Goal

To pursue remarkable business concepts that have the potential to stimulate outstanding developmental change in business and society.

Our Human Resources

Zaviva Yes is a broad network of diverse competences spread across different terrains and regions. The employment profile of Zaviva Yes is by the end of 2017 escalating to over 140 people dotted even in remote areas. Our employment programmes are designed to provide training, coaching and mentorship for the Success Candidates who join Zaviva Yes.