The Success Candidate

About YOU in the Success System

The Zaviva YES Success Candidates are local entrepreneurs who aspire to participate in running their own Zaviva Yes business in their local communities, institutions, town, universities or companies. The Candidates are supplied with products from the Zaviva Yes Main Shop where sorting, packaging, branding and distribution are carried-out.

Take note that Zaviva Yes is NOT a network marketing programme or organization, NO. We are a business development platform whose grander goal is to inspire would-be entrepreneurs with coaching, support, capital, training and business skills. Our prospects are designed as social enterprises intended to plant lasting pursuits and capital seed in peoples’ lives.

Once registered, each Candidate is given an operating Number, an ID, a business package and access credentials for our media interfaces including the website

To become a Zaviva Yes Success Candidate you must be at least 18 years old. Both women and men are invited to join this business and personal development network. You will be required to have the initial investment to purchase your own stock from Zaviva Yes. The package will afford you to enjoy over 90% FREE benefits that will graduate you into your future successes.



  • High Willingness to learn and change
  • Great Desire to pursue and achieve goals
  • Commitment to work hard and work smart
  • Disciplined to observe rules, meet obligations and deliver on your promise
  • Capacity to dream even the impossible

Obligations of the Zaviva Yes Success Candidates

A person needs to be available and willing to fully participate in the adventures and activities of programme including the following:

  1. Participate in coaching sessions via various media
  2. Attend training sessions
  3. Carryout tasks and exercises
  4. Working teams with different people
  5. Mobilize initiative in utilizing new ideas and concepts
  6. Carryout sales activities
  7. Participate in field works and outreaches